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☾The Mysticism of Pisces☾

Kind, gentle Pisces are known for clairvoyant leanings and creative pursuits that bring people together. Shop our Pisces pendant necklace and drop earrings to celebrate the season. As the last sign...
A black and white picture of the Scorpio zodiac sign

☆It's Scorpio Season!☆

Zodiac jewelry for Scorpio season - the most mysterious, sensual, and alluring time of the year.
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☆The Age of Aquarius Jewelry☆

The age of Aquarius is upon us. Learn about the Aquarius sun sign and our meaningful zodiac pendant necklaces and Aquarius drop earrings.
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☆Harness The Magic of Moon Jewelry☾

Moon jewelry inspiration comes from the femininity and magic of the moon, it's history, and the storytelling surrounding its existence.
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astrology jewelry

☾Jewelry You'll Smile About From Ear-To-Ear☾

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but my heart" - the most splendid Judy Garland.      The part of people we commune with most is their face. A shining beacon of smiles and sorrow, freck...