Black and white of nude woman on a crescent moon, the zodiac above her, an owl and raven next to her.

☆Harness The Magic of Moon Jewelry☾

Moon jewelry inspiration comes from the femininity and magic of the moon, it's history, and the storytelling surrounding its existence.
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What would our night skies be filled with if there were no moon? 

The Maya, Aborigine, and Hopi tribes speak of a time before this mysterious and sentimental orb appeared. Then, eternal darkness was filled with the moon’s loving light and her symbolism became vast and timeless - spanning millennia, culture, and country.

The moon has been explored in art and jewelry form for just as long. Tarot jewelry, zodiac jewelry, and cosmic jewelry representing planets and stars, all stem from the part of the cosmos we earthlings see most often...the moon.

She is everything from a calendar-keeping tool to a representation of the mysterious unconscious mind. And for the last several years, she has become a
pop-icon of millennial spiritual awareness. Yes, the moon, which affects everything from the ocean tides to the blood in our veins, is having her moment and it is GLORIOUS.

But what does the moon symbolize today? Her quarterly phases can be mapped on both macro and micro levels. From the shifts within our bodies to the grandiosity of nature at large, from tracking a woman’s cycle, to the year’s two major equinoxes. We can map the darkness of the new moon to the light-filled sky of the full-moon. The moon is our reminder of the cyclical nature of existence.

She waxes and wanes, like moments and memories. Alignment to her phases places us in harmony with the natural flow of time, just as for centuries rituals of growth, fertility, and “planting seeds” have been held on nights of the new moon.   

Yes, I believe moon magic can be legit. As with everything in life, what you believe will be true for your personal experience. 

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” 
- Henry Ford. 
This masterful quote can be applied to the uses and potential of working with moon magic. Personally, I find it convenient to have a neatly divided 4-week moon calendar to monitor progress. A list of intentions written on the night of the new moon, followed by two weeks of momentum and accumulation - a night of review marked by the lovely lunar light, and then two weeks of review, meditation, and strategy refinement.
Moon magic can also enter our daily lives through dainty moon jewelry, cosmic jewelry, and astrology jewelry. Star and moon jewelry is not only spiritually awakening and fantastical, but keeps us plugged into our subconscious goals. Imagine a graceful moon charm bracelet adorning your wrist, or wearing a crescent moon pendant necklace in gold or silver close to your heart. Pair that piece of delicate moon jewelry with an intended manifestation, and the magic doubles-down your manifestation focus. 

Our astrology drop earrings, zodiac pendant necklaces, and layered chakra necklaces pair perfectly with star and moon jewelry. Aligning our energetic centers and exploring the signs and stars we were born under, builds a larger picture of how the cosmos (the moon especially) affect us all.

Moon jewelry and symbols anchor us all in our innate femininity. Crescent moon jewelry holds a special affiliation to the feminine. The upside down crescent moon symbolizes the dark moon/new moon, the most potent time for initiating new manifestations. Moon jewelry acts as a reminder to remain connected with the emotional and sensual aspects of our personalities. It reminds us of the broader scopes of our being and grants us permission to slip into those nighttime characteristics of sultriness, mystery, and allure.

Every night the moon shows us a new side of her face, hiding or revealing herself through the unusual rotation of her orbit. Always keeping one side hidden, like the tender secrets and dreams we keep for ourselves. Savor your feminine side by tuning into the moon this October.

Buy a piece of silver or 24k gold plate moon jewelry, begin a new moon ritual, take an herbal bath, or perhaps just a loving gaze towards the night sky. And remember she is there, your eternal night-light guiding your path through the darkness.

Follow the beauty way.