Jewelry Care

Here are some tips for caring for your 24k gold plated Rael Cohen Jewelry items: 

 From layered necklaces and pendants, to charm bracelets and butterfly earrings - we've got you covered.

After a few years, the chemistry of our skin and being exposed to solvents and cleaning agents can cause the gold plating to fade. To ensure life-long wearability of your gold-plated jewelry keep these simple tips in mind.

  1. Remove your jewelry before going in the water, especially if it’s chlorinated or salty.
  2. Take your jewelry off if you are going to sweat in a workout of any kind.
  3. Wait to wear your jewelry until after you’ve washed and lotioned your hands. 
  4. Keep your jewelry stored in a soft bag, away from other jewelry or hard surfaces.
  5. Use a soft-cloth to keep it clean, or if it needs a bit more, soak it in warm, soapy water. Add a small brush to clean out dirt if you've been extra dirty ;). 
  6. In the end, if you love a piece and it begins to fade, you can always have it re-plated!