Do you do custom jewelry orders?
If you're interested in having a custom symbol or logo turned into jewelry, send an email to for a price quote and design discussion.

Do you sell your jewelry wholesale?
We do! Please send an email and we will send along our wholesale catalog with prices, MOQ, and payment terms.

Can I use my own feathers in an ear cuff?
Absolutely! We love making jewelry that feels meaningful and special for individuals. If personalizing a piece makes you feel joyful, then the jewelry will be doubley loved.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Please see our return policy page.

Where is your jewelry made?
All jewelry is designed in Denver, Colorado and all of our jewelry is made in the USA using American made components. Rael puts everything together by hand with the assistance of a small team. We take pride in being able to produce and inspect every piece of symbolic jewelry that is sent to our clients.

What metals do you work with to create your jewelry?
Primarily stainless steel as it is hypoallergenic and long-lasting. We use 24k gold plating to produce our gold items, and brass as the base metal for our rose gold items. Upon request, we can make any piece with your preferred base metal.

What are chakras?
A chakra is one of the seven energetic centers of the body. They range from the root chakra at the base of the spine, which represents our foundations, survival needs, and security, and rise all the way up to the crown chakra at the top of your head. The crown is associated with spiritual connectivity. We offer a 7 day / 7 chakra guide which you can access at on our website. Visit our Chakra Jewelry page to receive your copy today.

What inspires you to make jewelry?
Rael Cohen jewelry is inspired by nature, sacred geometry, and the beauty and power of the human spirit. For more insight on Rael's special connection to her jewelry see our About page. More information about Rael Cohen Jewelry can be seen in her recent interview Chris Barnes for Outlabeled

What is your design process?
Head on over to our blog for more information about the design process, Rael's personal journey, and more on symbolic jewelry inspiration.