Do you do custom orders?

Yes! All the lines in a design must be connected to one other. If you're interested in having a custom sigil or logo created into jewelry, send me an email to for a quote.

Do you wholesale? What are your terms?

I do! Please email me at and I'll send along my wholesale catalog with prices, MOQ, and payment terms

Can I use my own feathers in an ear cuff?

Absolutely! I love making jewelry that's special for people, and it becomes even more meaningful if it uses something personal of yours that you love.

How long does it take to receive a pre-order?

If I don't have an item in stock, or if you want to be one of the first to own a new design it can take 3-7 weeks depending on the color. Stainless steel usually takes 3-5 weeks, gold plated pieces 4-5 weeks, and rose gold can be up to 7 weeks. I use another company to do the rose gold so I'm beholden to their production schedule.


Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Please see the return policy page.

Where are your things produced?

All components and processes happen in the US. Most of the work I do by hand or with the assistance of a small team. We take pride in being able to produce and inspect everything that gets sent out.

What metals do you work with?

Stainless steel primary as it's hypoallergenic and doesn't require a nickel base layer before being gold plated. Upon request or in the case of rose gold I use brass as the base metal.

What's a chakra?

A chakra is one of the seven energetic centers of the body. They range from the Root (at the base of the spine) which deals with foundations, survival needs and security, up to the Crown at the top of your head associated with spiritual connectivity. If there's an area in your life that's out of whack, look at the chakra that's associated with it for some diagnostic suggestions. 

Where do I learn most about astrology?

There's tons of sources online. I like the Leo King for technical readings and Nicholas Ashbaugh for softer, more gentler one (both found on YouTube)

What are your inspirations?

Read the "About" interview for the full run-down.

What's your design process?

Check out the "The design process" blog post :).