I founded this brand on the principles of beauty, environmental consideration, and expanding the consciousness of all who wear my products.


Beauty is found everywhere, and I've parceled my collections into prominent themes that reflect expressions of human, animal, floral, and celestial consciousness.


My sheer love and care for this planet instill ecologically minded choices in all my manufacturing, packaging, and waste-handling decisions.



I work solely with manufacturers in the US. The primary reason is that our country has better industrial waste-water regulations than most and to reduce pollution with shorter shipping distances.


Shipping and waste-handle:

My packaging is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable, and I go out of my way to properly recycle extra metal components and plastic packaging within my own operation.



A portion of purchases goes towards reforestation efforts. Everything we consume comes from this planet, and planting trees is my way of giving back to our mother.


Consciousness Expansion:

Each piece of mine has meaning. The inspiration and symbolism may be terrestrial, celestial, historical, cultural, or simply artistic, abstract, and playful. The intended impact of each design is the same - to provide objects of meaning and beauty that create a moment of contemplation and appreciation of the source from which they stem.

Follow the beauty way

Nature | OUR home

Bringing you the lightness and joy that only nature can.

COSMIC Symbols

Jewelry inspired by what I learned along my journey.

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