Who has commissioned you to make custom pieces before?

I've made custom jewelry for:

  • Burningman camps
  • Corporate swag bundles
  • Special occasions
  • Personal sigils of empowerment
  • Artist and DJ logos
  • White label products

How do I start?

Gather up any images or photos that you'd like to use as a reference. If you're translating a logo or a brand-mark, see if you can get the file in a vector format.

From consultation to delivery, how long does the process take? 

Typically 4-7 weeks. Stainless steel jewelry is ready in 4-5 weeks. Gold and rose gold plated pieces take another two weeks for that step. It's smart to get a head start if you want a delivery date near the holidays.

Do you provide a warranty on custom designs?

All custom jewelry is covered by a 1-year workmanship guarantee. Please follow our Jewelry Care guidelines to help ensure the longevity of your piece.

How much does it cost to create a custom piece of jewelry?

Costs vary depending on the following:

  • The size of the piece
  • If you want a plated or non-plated finish
  • If you have ready-to-use artwork or if it needs to be created
  • The number of units you're ordering (volume pricing is available)

Low-end example: $50 for a 3/4" gold plated pendant with ready-to-use art on a thin chain.

High-end example: $500 for an elaborate 3" heart-shaped wing pendant, requiring original art and a thick chain.

Can you do fine jewelry?

Yes. I can have pieces 3D printing in the following metals:

  • 18K gold
  • 14K gold
  • 9K gold
  • Silver
  • Vermeil

Please contact for quotes. 

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