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The Age of Aquarius (Times Two!)

The original rebel with a cause of the star signs. Aquarians are known to be progressive, original, independent, and have humanitarian sensibilities. Several aquarians have shaped history, including Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Aquarius is most likely to become famous amongst the three air signs, Gemini and Libra being the other two.

Our societies have been shifting into the  “Age of Aquarius” with a tipping point   being reached on December 20, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn joined up in Aquarius, boosting the properties of the Aquarius with luck and expansion (aspects of Jupiter) and structure and discipline (characteristics of Saturn).

What does it all mean?

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in December 2020 was the first time the Earth has witnessed such an event since 1623! The alignment of those planets in the innovative air sign is predicted to inspire unconventional thinking, and brighter visions for the collective.

If you are an Aquarian in the new Age of Aquarius, big changes are afoot for you. Enjoy the blessings, learn the lessons, and as always, ride the wave.

The Zodiac Collection

I created my Zodiac collection for every star sign, but given the season, I want to draw attention to the Symbol of Aquarius.

Known to be progressive and independently minded, the Aquarius symbol necklace is a lightweight piece of jewelry that appears to the Aquarian sense of stylish originality.”

I created the zodiac line so that each individual has a chance to rep a symbol of their own, and to display aspects of their personality.

Whether the Aquarius in your life is shy or energetic, quiet, or eccentric (or all of the above) they are usually deep thinkers and futuristic visionaries. One way to honor an Aquarian and all they bring to our collective dance is with a token of appreciation for them.

Until next time, may you have beauty in all of your days.