A man holds his hair back and shows his ear.

☾Jewelry You'll Smile About From Ear-To-Ear☾

"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but my heart"
- the most splendid Judy Garland.   
The part of people we commune with most is their face. A shining beacon of smiles and sorrow, freckles and dimples, dark and light skin, shapes and sizes galore. Of all the facial features, my whole heart melts for the delicacy and enchantment of the most ignored - Le ears. 

  • Line and curve drop earrings remind us that structure and security are nearby always.
  • Feather ear-cuffs help us express our witchiest, magical, most creative and re-wild selves.
  • Powerful gold plated and silver jewelry act as reminders to listen - not only to others, but to ourselves.
Ears are prime real estate for showcasing our personalities and our taste. They can show off our gaudy bawdiness or display an elegant shyness.
We use ear jewelry to enhance a hairstyle or outfit, or to create the illusion of length to our face shape. Whether you decorate your ears with gold or silver earrings, statement drop earrings, or delicate stud earrings, they all radiate.
As I sit here writing on the indigenous lands of the mountainous Ute tribes, my mind wanders to the importance of earrings in Native American cultures.

For millennia, each of these communities has had their own style and artistry of earrings. Patterns and colors that symbolize each of their unique histories and strengths. Each represents different daily practices, from fishing and hunting, to prayer and healing. 

Whether you choose moon and star charm earrings, exquisite butterfly wing earrings, or structured geometric drop earrings, there is symbolism to be honored in your choice. The symbols of my drop earrings hold a historical, cultural, or personal significance for everyone to share in. 

How you showcase your ears can affect your experience in daily life. Golden butterfly wing earrings and flower drop earrings speak to the power of Mother Earth and naturalness of your being. Moon earrings and circular zodiac drop earrings relate to your innate femininity and how you express it. Chakra earrings are loving totems of balance and alignment.

Your experience wearing root chakra drop earrings will differ greatly than wearing crown chakra earrings. Jewelry throughout the centuries has taught us that earrings display personality while also telling the story of where we come from. They are nature and nurture personified in the form of beauty.



Like all who came before me, who looked into the night sky and saw constellations in communion, I am inspired by the rich history of the land we exist on and those who cultivated it.

My dearest hope is that through my delicate jewelry, you feel closer to your own daily rituals and communities.

Recognize the absolute perfection of your ears, and let them hear you rejoice.


Follow the beauty way.