A black and white picture of the Scorpio zodiac sign

☆It's Scorpio Season!☆

Zodiac jewelry for Scorpio season - the most mysterious, sensual, and alluring time of the year.

A model stands against a blue and gold background wearing gold Zodiac Earrings by Rael Cohen Jewelry


Scorpio season is the most mysterious, sensual, and alluring time of year... just like all of the sultry Scorpios in our lives.

In 2020, we will experience magnified scorpio energy with a powerful blue moon on Halloween - and we have a Scorpio necklace and gold or silver Scorpio drop earrings awaiting the occasion.

Scorpios, born between October 23rd and November 21st, are known to be intense, dedicated, and sophisticated. The 2020 Scorpio season is geared up to deliver all of these qualities. To balance all of the strong scorpio energy, Mercury will be in retrograde until November 3rd. Retrogrades are the perfect time to pause, meditate, and plan ahead. Use this time to take stock of what's working for you and what may need some adjusting in your life.

We Have News!

As the world maneuvers some major turns in 2020, we too are going through some exciting transitions. Rael Cohen Jewelry is moving from mostly in-person offerings into primarily online sales. This is a thrilling time of growth, both spiritually and physically, for our brand of symbolic jewelry. Our chakra jewelry, layered necklaces, moon jewelry, gorgeous butterfly earrings, and pendant necklaces will all be available online.

We have made this decision out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of our beloved clients. Despite the tumult that 2020 has delivered us all, we remain dedicated to delivering handmade and delicate jewelry made in the U.S. The online platform creates a perfect environment for us to focus more on your needs and desires. Delivering our dainty drop earrings, moon necklaces, and geometric jewelry to you faster than ever.

While much of the year has been "cancelled," there is always space for feeling like your most bountiful, beautiful self. We hope more than anything that our spiritual jewelry, charm bracelets, feather ear-cuffs, and nature jewelry bring you joy and peace during this time.

Conscious Creation

We revel in creating conscious, handmade jewelry that delights the wearer and invites contemplation (and compliments) from the observer.  

All of our metaphysical jewelry collections are intended to celebrate our shared humanity and invite deeper conversations about the meaning of the world we live in.

Our 24k gold plate and stainless steel layered necklaces, nature and geometric charm bracelets, and flower earrings are all manifested from a love of geometry, fine lines, astrology, and mother earth. We are infinitely inspired by the patterns that repeat themselves from the ground below our feet to the stars above us. Our geometry collection is designed to celebrate this manifestation in all of us. 

Our promise is to stay true to femininity, gender-less expression, spiritual awareness, and financial accessibility. We hope that by bringing joy to our clients, the ripple effect will also positively impact the minds, spirits, and hearts of those around them.

We are eager to join you in person once more in some of our favorite places from Barcelona to California, New York to Guatemala, Tulum to Ibiza… and we know that time will come.

In the meantime, we invite you to join us on Instagram @raelcohenjewelry to follow along our evolving journey - and maybe to pick up a piece of raver wear feather ear-cuffs along the way.

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