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Rael Dives Deep

When I was a child, a dancer only worried about nailing my choreography, the idea of becoming a jewelry designer was completely foreign to me. Moreover, the knowledge that I would become immersed in the world of symbology would have been peculiar to say the least.
And yet, at 14 years old, my path emerged. I started to notice the law of attraction following me around like a bumble bee searching for a flower in the spring. I would say to myself “I need a new mirror” and suddenly a friend would offer me a beautiful mirror as a gift. I would be shopping at a thrift store with my sisters wishing I could find the perfect dress, and suddenly there it was, the most stylish one in the store would find me - as if by kismet. 
Throughout my teenage-hood, I began to manifest things and experiences that seemed to be intangible. The ethereal or impossible were suddenly physical and real. I started recognizing symbols and beauty in everything I saw. This energy manifested itself into design at the Fashion Institute of Design in NYC. Post-grad, my infatuation with beauty led me to working with intimate apparel for years to come.
When the pandemic hit, I began to seek out mobility and nature - a sense of safety that I knew would be outside of NYC. So, I travelled, studying the symbols I came across in people, insects, structures… even the stars. My aesthetic grew. The charm and movement I saw in clothing while working in the city transformed into a desire to build intricate, sacred jewelry for all bodies.
Every piece of Rael Cohen jewelry is imbued with my absolute joy in the flora and fauna of this world, as well as my curiosity in the divinity of the heavens and the awe of human architecture. Your favorites are waiting for you - simply ask them for this dance.
You have a beauty way about you. xo