A model in a white shirt wears Rael Cohen's silver Butterfly Wing Drop Earrings.

☆Jewelry That Transforms the Body and Soul☆

Butterflies and the natural world inspire our lightweight, delicate jewelry, as well as our intentions for transparency.
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Virgo Tarot card with flowers
I'm grateful to receive Virgo season with a warm embrace, as the sun's recent transit through Leo was one for the records. Thank goodness the Leo zodiac necklaces and Leo drop earrings gave strength during a time that was deeply transitional.

Right as Leo’s full moon energy beamed down, I had an emotionally bruising and unexpected experience which felt beautifully sad but informative.

To be vulnerable with you, a large portion of my nature-inspired, meaningful butterfly jewelry was stolen. And, it was a situation that was preventable. 

Reflecting on the choice that led to the theft of the delicate jewelry, much growth was found. Like the butterfly drop earrings and pendant necklaces that were yoinked, growth came by remembrance of the butterfly’s transformation process. 

The elegant, difficult, and slow process of a caterpillar’s transformation into a butterfly, mirrors what we face as humans. Before the magical butterfly (which inspires much of my symbolic jewelry) moves through its stages of change, it is just a small larva eating leaves, hanging upside down, chillin', molting, and building a cocoon.


An image of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly

These early stages are similar to how I've found myself processing experiences. I absorb them slowly, keeping what feels helpful for the future and molting the aspects that don’t help.

Both are physical and spiritual processes with profound and everlasting changes.

The design process for is similar. The drafts and adaptations our designs go through as they move from concept to production is an evolutionary expereince with many steps. 

When a caterpillar notices the time for change they stop eating to spin themselves into a cozy cocoon. Within their protective shell, its body completely transforms, emerging as a winged butterfly that gets to sip on nectar and sleeps in flowers.

Our butterfly wing drop earrings are dainty earrings that mirror the elegance and ease of the butterfly as it discovers its new powers.

For myself, the growth process was one of not only “don’t leave your jewelry in the car,” but also, "trust your instincts, and trust your sense of timing."

There was a moment, a little voice that said "hey, you sure you want to leave those in here?". 12 hours later, they were gone.

From this experience came a transformation in terms of knowledge, trust, and acceptance of vulnerability. It was unexpected, but once again, reinforced that intuition often knows more than we give it credit for.


gold butterfly earrings

These precious moments of failure and accepting responsibility are filled with nuances and cosmic power. I spun my cocoon and found myself held by spirit, friends, family, love, and thankfully, homeowners insurance.

Our butterfly pedants, drop earrings, and silver and gold plated jewelry have been restocked. 

We all have the ability to transform through difficult moments in life, and I've been dawning some of my own butterfly jewelry as a reminder that grace is on the other side.  Wishing you a gorgeous month under Virgo’s diligent, watchful eye.

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