Model wears a black lace top, the gold Rael Cohen Fibonacci necklace, gold equation pendant, and gold chakra necklace.

☾Gold Plate My Heart☾

Gold-plated jewelry is a wonderfully weightless addition to your jewelry box. With a little care, they can last forever.
A model wears a black lacy top, gold chains, the Fibonacci necklace and a Chakra Pendant Necklace from Rael Cohen Jewelry

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"You were the thrill that stilled my beating heart baby."
- "Beloved" by April Smith 


Gold plated jewelry is that thrill pulling at my heartstrings like a guitar.

Working with brass and stainless steel as the base, Rael Cohen Jewelry is filled with stunning, luxurious, gold plated delicate jewelry pieces. Gold plating our layered, intricate, silver and gold necklaces is an artful part of our jewelry making process (check out our Instagram @raelcohenjewelry for a how-to video about gold plating!) 

Moreso, it is a crafty way to spend your time at home. Yes, you can learn to gold plate your own jewelry here if you are a hands-on kinda human who gets their kicks from creating (and who are we kidding, of course you are). You and your coven will love the chemistry behind it all!

While gold plating can be a slightly expensive yet deeply enjoyable hobby, caring for your gold-plated jewelry is most important. Like your heart, your high-quality, dainty jewelry from Rael Cohen will stay bright and shiny for years to come if properly cared for. We create meaningful jewelry that is meant for everyday wear and needs a little everyday care.

Here are some tips for caring for your 24k gold-plate jewelry (layered necklaces, drop earrings, charm bracelets, and more):

From charm earrings, to layered necklaces and butterfly drop earrings - we've got you covered.

  1. Remove your gold-plate jewelry before going in the water, especially if it’s chlorinated or salty.
  2. Take your dainty jewelry off if you are going to sweat in a workout of any kind.
  3. Wait to wear your delicate jewelry until after you’ve washed and put lotion on your hands. 
  4. Keep your jewelry stored in a soft bag, away from other jewelry or hard surfaces.
  5. Use a soft-cloth to keep it clean, or if it needs a bit more, soak it in warm, soapy water. Add a small brush to clean out dirt. 
  6. In the end, if you love a piece of gold-plated jewelry and it begins to fade, you can always have it re-plated!

We want all the gorgeous bodies who crave our metaphysical jewelry pieces to be able to afford them, and hope our "inspired by nature" jewelry brings you joy and ease.

Solid gold and gold-filled necklaces, bracelets, and drop earrings can cost a pretty penny, but if you’re looking for luxury while not cracking open your savings account, there are many options for stunning, well-made, unique pieces on

Three inclusive models lounge on a couch wearing black clothing and several Rael Cohen Jewelry pieces in gold

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Glide on over to shop our many silver and gold pendant necklaces (search our chakra necklaces, zodiac pendants, and long gold chains meant for layering). With light but constant care, you can style them together for every season and occasion for years to come. Treat yourself, adorn yourself, adore yourself.

Follow the beauty way.