Since childhood, I've had ESP in the classic sense of extrasensory perception. Sometimes, this would manifest as hearing my father's thoughts, receiving visuals of what was going on in others' imaginations, having highly symbolic and predictive dreams, or, to use contemporary vernacular, a "strong intuition" or a "gut feeling."


As a youth, with the desensitization that occurs through education and a Western culture that prioritizes the predictable and provable, I viewed this ability as a mutation instead of a superpower. I didn't want to be shunned for being a weirdo, even though my preemptive knowledge was, without fail, 100% reliable. Instead of using my clairvoyance as a compass for personal decisions, I channeled it into creativity, fashion, and the world of aesthetics.


I am a Speaker, one of many individuals who have existed throughout human history who are here to show how our inner world translates to form our outer experiences. My collections are inspired by the different expressions of consciousness we are fortunate to experience on this plane. My jewelry is intended to trigger a recognition within the psyche of the underlying mysteries of existence. Most symbols on my website result from receiving shapes and geometry representing a particular emotion, metaphor, or thread of consciousness.


Each piece symbolizes a different aspect or experience of life that we are called to embody as we evolve as a fractal of source consciousness.


As a Speaker, I embody the expression of beauty, practicality, and creativity, and this brand is my way of sharing my gift with you. I hope my pieces are meaningful, that wearing them makes you feel confident, and that practicality is found in their symbolism, giving you a talisman for personal growth. 


Most of all, I hope you savor these renditions of cosmic symbolism, cultural epochs, the natural world, and the geometric and mathematical structures that form our world. 

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