Smudge Feather Fan - San Diego, CA

Smudge Feather Fan - San Diego, CA

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Smudge Feather Fan


Given a unique artistic assignment, I was privileged to be entrusted with creating a one-of-a-kind smudging fan for medicine ceremonies.

This smudge fan results from a shared vision, crafted with macaw, hawk, pheasant, and dove feathers meticulously drilled into an Elk antler base. The recipient's jaguar tooth, an incredible treasure, was thoughtfully incorporated.

On the front of the smudge fan is a piece of selenite for purification, and on the back, I attached an obsidian arrowhead to cut through any lingering energies that can gravitate to the medicine space.

If you have any sentimental keepsakes or sacred objects, I'd love to transform them into unique, functional, or decorative pieces of art for you.