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Fibonacci Jewelry | Da Vinci Inspired Handmade Jewelry
Fibonacci Jewelry | Math Inspired Jewelry By Rael Cohen
Geometry Inspired Handmade Jewelry
Fibonacci Jewelry | Handmade Jewelry by Rael Cohen

Fibonacci Golden Spiral Necklace

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The RAEL Fibonacci Necklace

With the golden ratio expressed in triangular form, this unisex pendant is a proportionally designed emblem honoring the intelligence of nature.

From as early as 450 BC, the golden ratio has been acknowledged throughout civilizations as the pattern upon which all natural organisms, including our bodies, are structured around. From galaxies, to the spiral of a shell, or even our thump prints, the Fibonacci Golden Spiral can be found throughout all levels of existence.


  • Dim: 1 5/8: x 1/14”
  • Finished in 24K gold plated alloy or stainless steel
  • 24" Gold filled or sterling silver chain