Golden Ratio Charm Bracelet
Golden Ratio Charm Bracelet
Fibonacci Jewelry | Da Vinci Inspired Handmade Jewelry by Rael Cohen

Golden Ratio Charm Bracelet

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Rael Cohen Jewelry – Modern Style Jewelry with Meaning

With the golden ratio expressed in delicate square formation, this chic charm bracelet is an elevated accessory to any ensemble.

The golden ratio has been acknowledged as pattern upon which all natural organisms, including our bodies are built upon. From the lengths of our bones, to the thicknesses of tree branches, the golden ratio can be found throughout all levels of existence.

Gold for success, enthusiasm and power

Silver for protection, healing and emotional wellbeing

  • Dim: 1” x ¾”
  • Fits wrist up to 7” in diameter
  • Finished in 24K gold plated alloy or stainless steel
  • Gold filled or silver plated chain with magnetic closure

Made in Denver, Colorado