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A model wears the silver Lunar Moth Earrings by Rael Cohen Jewelry

 Lunar Moth Earrings 

The process of making meaningful jewelry is one of great deliberation, design, and personal joy. 
So much time and thought first goes into what dainty jewelry pieces I feel are missing from my collections. What will round out my nature jewelry collections, geometric charm bracelets, star and moon necklaces and drop earrings, and zodiac pendants so they feel lively, fluid and complete?
Recently I have felt like my nature jewelry collection was missing a pair of oversized silver or gold butterfly wing earrings. A statement yet dainty earring that would work with long or short hair, for lovers of butterflies, birds, and all things with wings. I have created many pieces of delicate jewelry, but I wanted to add something with more showmanship. A drop earring for nature lovers with a bit of "pizazz."
Research was necessary! Specifically, research dedicated to the large swath of winged insects that exist. When I came across the Luna Moth, my heart skipped a bit - I knew I'd found the one. Learning more about this moth's name, size, and crisp leafy colors, a design came to mind that I believe captured its essence. And, would make the most beautiful wing drop earrings!
A photo of a green Lunar Moth

 A Lunar Moth 

Once my mind is made up, I head over to Adobe Illustrator and gradually begin to trace the outlines of the moth, making artistic adjustments and adding structural integrity as needed. Gold and silver geometric jewelry - especially intricately detailed   and dainty earrings, need to hang and balance just right.
Once satisfied with the scale and line-work of a jewelry design, I send the illustration to my metal work collaborator in Illinois. When the prototypes of the wing earrings are approved, I leave them in the base metal or plate them in 24k gold using my handle gold plate kit from Gold Plating Services.

If you'd like to watch that technique, you can watch the video tutorial here

The final and most delightful step of all, is when these lightweight drop earrings are completed, photographed and added to my online collection.

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